‘Nesting Doll’ Art Commissions

Choose three characters, portraits, abstracts or hobbies to be represented as the dolls.
£15 for your original concept, posted (within the UK).
Some samples below are for sale, prices include UK postage.
A5 ink and colour markers on bristol board.
Get in Touch if you’re interested in an original commission or would like to purchase an existing piece.


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  • ACF1
  • ACO2
  • ACO3
  • ACF2
  • ACO4
  • ACF3
  • ACO5
  • ACO6
  • ACF4
  • ACO7
  • ACO8
  • ACO9
  • ACO10
  • ACO11
  • ACO12
  • ACO13
  • ACO14
  • ACF10
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