Who's Ken?

I'm a freelance graphic designer living and working in Suffolk.
I have over 10 years of commercial experience using Illustrator,
Photoshop & InDesign.
I also have over twenty years experience using pens, pencils, paper
and most importantly my imagination.
I’m always looking for new clients to work with and interesting
projects to work on.


  • “After a frustrating prolonged period of time looking to finalise my brewery’s branding, I was put in touch with Ken. Soon after our initial meeting, Ken produced a definitive image for HellHound and has been immensely helpful in taking the brand forward. A top quality designer.”

    Jack CarollHellhound Brewery
  • “I came to Ken with just a rough brief and he was able to bring my ideas to life with consummate ease. Ken always met deadlines and was completely professional. His imagination and creativity were a real asset to this project. Tens of thousands of people have since liked and shared his illustrations on social media, which is testament to the consistent quality of the work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ken to anyone.”

    Martin HofschroerKaplan International English
  • “Ken’s interpretation of our “vision” was absolutely stellar and at every stage reflected creativity, flair and originality. Ken’s technical expertise in terms of understanding the various end-use mediums (from web to print to merchandise) and ensuring cross compatibility/fluidity accordingly was invaluable.
    Ken is a pleasure to deal with personally. We couldn’t recommend Ken’s services more highly, especially to international clients.”

    John Larkins - PresidentUAE Touch
  • “For us having Ken on this project was a positive experience. At the outset we had little idea what we were looking for. Ken was very good at interpreting our comments and converting them into an image. I believe that Ken made the project easier for us with his insightful thought and ability to manage clients aspirations – as well as his obvious design flair! He has a real enthusiasm for his work and I would not hesitate to recommend him to potential clients.”

    Ian JohnsonSeven Acres Business Park


1 Jul 2014

Form Vs Function

This is one of the ongoing debates in graphic design, the reason it keeps rolling along is because there isn't a definitive answer. It's up to each of us to form an individual opinion according to the work that we produce. I first started thinking about this debate during a long drive on the motorway a while back. Road signs are an example of function over form. They are not the most attractive of things, but the whole reason for their existence is to impart information, clearly and without embellishment. In this task they are a huge design success. I

1 Jul 2014

What is Graphic Design?

It's one of those eternal questions that will always make me smile or grimace. Just like: "What is the Matrix?" and "What's up with that girl's adams apple?" Love it or hate it we will always be asked this question. Usually by younger designers eager to understand what it is they have gotten themselves into or nervous clients that are desperate to comprehend what they are getting for their money. I'm very aware that this is an article that has been written by most, if not all, other design bloggers out there, (in fact you'll find a few links at

1 Jul 2014

Book Group Online – Bookmarks

Book Group Online is a great forum website where you can talk about books, and anything else, with fellow bookworms. These bookmarks are designed to help spread the word about this fantastic online community, so that it can keep growing. BGO members have been leaving them in returned library books, sending them away with books they have sold over the internet, or just leaving them in libraries and book shops (with permission), to help spread the word. The more contributors there are the better the site becomes. Each of these bookmarks is available to download for free. Click the title


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